Vladimir Putin

Anderson, Benjamin M. Jr.

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The British Empire and the United States, unlike France and Germany, recovered from the excitement and bitterness and terrible tension of feeling of the War. The use of hatred during war. Problems of peace-time construction. Building up a shattered economic world and restoring the processes of commerce and industry. How the British Empire and the U.S. can aid France and Germany to work out their problems by bringing a bookkeeping point of view to the problems. The right of the British Empire and the U.S. to intervene in the reparations problem, and reasons for it. The following discussion is divided into sub-headings: Can France and Germany work it Out Alone?; Has Germany Shown Good Faith?; How much has Germany Paid?; What Germany has Paid; Germany's Desperate Need for a Breathing Spell; "Productive Guaranties"; Security for France; Generous International Policy; The Need for A Comprehensive Settlement.