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Stephenson, Carol

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A story of Albert Einstein and his annual examination where the question remained the same, but the answers were constantly changing. An analogy to the telecommunications industry which still connects people and companies, but with constantly changing solutions. Why Canada needs genuinely fair competition. Providing consumers with the greatest choice. The need for fair competition if Canadian companies are to remain leaders in telecommunications. How Canadians have traditionally been in the forefront of telecommunications, in large part thanks to the efforts of the Canadian phone companies that now make up the Stentor Alliance. Some history. Stentor member firms and their impact, with some figures. The example of AutoLinx. The Virtual University in British Columbia. Ways in which the companies in the Stentor alliance bring new value to communities across the country, with examples. Canada wired as an extremely attractive location for economic expansion. The importance of getting the rules right. The question as to whether our ability to provide for Canadians will continue, with the same level of innovation as in the past. The need for some policy changes. How the present regulatory framework which governs long distance hobbles the Canadian companies that make up the Stentor Alliance. How these policies also hobble the customers. The need for a uniform set of rules that applies to everyone. An explanation of how the regulations work now, with examples. The way forward. Questioning the issue of protection. The need to accept ourselves and see our strengths, with telecommunications as one of our home-grown strengths. The importance of this industry to our future.