Vladimir Putin

Smith-Ross, James

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The nine empires in the world: British, American, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, French, Arab. The expected decline to seven, the leaders being the American, the Russian, and the British. Asking ourselves what the position of the British Empire will be in the next thirty years. The movement in the world of ideas. The League of Nations as an outward manifestation of this movement towards Internationalism, behind which are all the forces of culture. The instinct for personal enrichment. The nature of war, and of men. The whole civilizing process as an attempt to reduce or to eliminate friction. The vital question: "Will the Empire have to defend itself by force or by reason?" Russia's future intentions. China's intentions. Other areas of conflict. How to eliminate war. A sketch of the sort of world in which these questions will have to be faced and answered. The speaker's thoughts on the world of tomorrow. Learning the lessons of war. The difficulty of estimating how much progress will be made towards Internationalism. Transportation, education, and other factors that will affect progress. Canada's role in the immediate future. How the speaker would fashion the Empire if he could. The question of Empire solidarity. Paying homage to Britain.