Vladimir Putin

Insull, Samuel

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Reference to Britain as Canadians' "mother's house." Canada as the daughter with great influence in her mother's house. The United States as "a good neighbour." Reasons why Canada and the U.S. should be good neighbours. Trade and tourist dollars exchanged between the two countries. Reasons to believe that our respective frontiers will go unguarded for the next hundred years, and that passports will always be unknown to us. Minding one's own business as the very height of neighbourliness. Minding one's own business different from disinterest. Prospective investment in Canada by the U.S. Faith in the future of Canada. Canada's greatest present need of building up her industries. Giving consideration to tariff laws between neighbours and best customers. The electricity supply business. Sharing the tremendous natural power of Niagara Falls. A few words about the times through which we are passing. Optimism for the future.