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Technology and the talent required that makes technology a vital part of our national economy. Reference to the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity's Report on Canada 2008 and the need it pointed to. Competing in the global economy and what that means in terms of innovation, especially in the information and communication technologies field. Canada having the technology; getting the talent as the problem. A wide and growing IT talent gap and why that is serious. The challenge for Canada. Why the IT talent gap is so urgent. Some serious facts and what they mean for Canadian companies. How we got here. An explication of the reasons. The heart and the root of the problem. What Canada is putting at risk as the talent gap widens. What large, advanced metropolitan economies have to lose. Toronto as an example. Research done by the Conference Board for Bell. What the research is confirming. The situation in other countries. A common Canadian, American and European problem. Business and government taking action in the U.K. and the United States. Two possible answers to the IT skills crisis for Canadian enterprise. The Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow's IT Skills and what they are doing. Goals that all Canadians can share. Three major areas of focus. Members of the coalition. The coalition's strategy. The Conference Board's three models of excellence. Some remarkable new initiatives. How this coalition can succeed.