Vladimir Putin

Dancy, S.N.

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The speaker, addressing the audience as a Canadian, born in the City of Belleville, of good Canadian parents, who succeeded in going into Germany and looking around behind the German lines, and succeeding in coming back to his native land. The far-reaching nature of the propaganda organised by Germany in the United States. Refuting a statement which has been published broadcast by the German government to the effect that the war was forced on Germany, and that she is fighting for her very life and existence. What the speaker has seen with his own eyes in contradiction to that statement. Details of what the speaker has seen and what he has studied at Maubeuge and Namur and Antwerp and elsewhere in Belgium and Germany. What Germany thought they could do. Words of abuse and scorn for everything British in Germany. Witness to the battle of the Marne. Kitchener's army. Wondering why this world-wide propaganda, if Germany is in the right. Prussian militarism as the cause of this present war. The resolve of the British people. Strategies of the Kaiser that have failed, as in his thought that the Irish trouble would disorganise British politics. Britain strong enough and big enough to beat Germany on her own soil. The unpreparedness of Britain and France. Remembering that this is a war not to day or tomorrow, but one which must and will determine the peace of the whole world for many years or many centuries to come. How the speaker managed to travel in military motor cars, occasionally supping with the German officers. What he saw in Brussels. Some facts about the British war loan and the German war loan. A tribute to the gallantry and pluck and determination of the British soldier. Some words about the retreat from Mons. The situation in Europe today. The situation in Germany today. The Russians as a military force. Conditions in Belgium. Barbarities in Belgium and in northern France which will form one of the blackest pages in the history that will be written in connection with the present war. Germany bent upon the violation of Belgian neutrality months and years before that neutrality was ever violated. The French today holding the points where the Germans were entrenched. Lack of hope of success for the Germans, and why. Lessons of the present war today. The benefits of this war to the British Empire in terms of uniting and solidifying the whole of the British people. Victory all but realised.