Vladimir Putin

Campney, Hon. Ralph

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How the times have changed, defence wise. Hope for permanent peace resting more and more on the growing unity and strength of the free nations. Dependency on the success of NATO. Canada's achievements and developments in recent years. The ability to adjust. The importance of national defence to Canada. What our defence policy is, and the basis on which it rests. A basic policy directed to preventing all-out war with modern thermonuclear weapons. The policy of the deterrent. What is necessary to make such a deterrent policy effective. The real aims and purposes of Communism. A detailed description of Canada's contribution to the deterrent. The main parts of the joint Canada-United States radar warning and control system: the Pinetree system; the Mid-Canada early warning line, the distant early warning or DEW line. Some details of each, especially in terms of the difficulties in getting them constructed. Solving the many, many problems of supply and construction on difficult terrain and in a climate of extremes; Canadians learning how to build, how to work and how to live in the rigorous vastness of our north. Learning by adaptation, by effort and by skill, how the sub-Arctic can be made habitable. Discoveries and developments in Canada's North. Defence efforts directed to the preservation of peace.