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Scott, Major G.H.; Giblett, M.

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Major G.H. Scott: The role played by the weather in the practical proposition of flying airships from England to the Dominion, and Canada in particular. Data collected in order to lay down rules applied to flying to the Dominions. Practical information gathered about the various routes to India, Australia, etc. The need to have an organization to provide information as to what weather conditions exist along the route to any Dominion at the time of flying, and changes that are likely to take place in the matter of wind and weather during the actual flight. Information exchanged with the Meteorological Service of Canada. A description of the process of flight determination in conjunction with weather reports. Examples of how weather service helps. Mr. M. Giblett: Airships. Endeavours in Great Britain to develop the airship for commercial purposes, and to bring the Empire together. The development of airship routes. A description of the airship flight. The question of navigation in an airship. The duties of the crew, and the general running of an airship, similar to those of a steamship. The beauty of the trip up the St. Lawrence. Some trouble experienced and how it was dealt with. Landing at Montreal. An examination of the possibilities of operating regular commercial airship flights, with a consideration of load, ports, passage, cost.