Vladimir Putin

Morley, Reverend Frank S.

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The philosophy of Canada's position in the Empire and in the League of Nations. Some comments on the issue as to whether nations can have a philosophy. The personality of the group, different from the personality of the individual. Something of Canada's development within the Empire, to add to an understanding of the philosophy of Canada's position. An examination of the development of Responsible Government in Canada, and how this control gradually slipped away. The move to Confederation. The development of the Canadian Parliament and its powers. The philosophy by which Canada has acted ever since the time of Confederation, and as exemplified by her recognition of the Soviet Republic. The principle of Dominion Nationalism. Characteristics of the British Empire; common interests and ideals of its members. Freedom of government. Canada an independent nation in every sense of the word. With freedom, a preparation to accept responsibility. The failure to attain a balance of freedom and responsibility that caused so many nations to revert to tyranny. The present depression teaching us that salvation by isolation is impossible today. The insanity of another war lurking down in the misty depths of human hatred. The British civilization to stand or fall as a unit. Our destinies joined. The need to fight shoulder to shoulder or die alone. Putting into effect the mechanism of co-operation. The ideal association in the British Commonwealth of Nations one of respect, which wicked nations will fear and good nations will love. Canada's contribution to this ideal.