Vladimir Putin

Foster, Right Hon. Sir George E.

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The latest development to the First Assembly of The League. Some comments on the League itself. How we can win in this work. The League of Nations launched with the adoption of the covenant or draft at the Peace Conference. The effects of the war remaining with us. A reading of the preamble of the covenant which was signed at first by 32 nations of the world to show an advance unparalleled and unexampled in the history of the world. The 26 articles dealing with membership of the League, the functioning agencies through which it carries out the obligations of the covenant and of the treaties and the duties imposed thereby, and the reduction of armaments. With what the League of Nations deals. An instance in the opium trade. The registration and publication of future treaties. The revision and modification of treaties already existing or treaties that may be made. The purpose of the League to supervise, to get accord between the nations. The League of Nations heralding an era of peace and good-will. Canada's interest. The League's organs of functioning. The structure and function of the Assembly. The issue of language. The election of a President. Setting rules of procedure. Business conducted. Nations yet outside the League. Two or three very brief, sketchy allusions as to what has been achieved. What the First Assembly has done. To what we might revert if we don't have the League of Nations. Called upon in this our age to a responsibility which our forefathers never had.