Vladimir Putin

Cole, Arthur A.

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Canada as a country of large railway developments, considered on a per capita basis. The relationship between railway development in Canada and the opening up of our vast agricultural areas. The importance of the mining industry now as suppliers of business to the railways, with examples. A consideration of figures covering the whole of Canada. An examination of figures prepared by the Interstate Commerce Commission covering freight traffic over the railways of the United Sates. Showing that from a railway standpoint at least, the mineral industry is of immense importance. The mineral industry in war time. An examination and analysis of the important part played by mineral industry during war time, especially as concerns France and Germany. Why the Germans attacked Verdun, for example. The mineral industry in Canada: an inventory, with production and resource figures. Organization of the industry. The special committee of the Canadian Mining Institute, appointed by the Minister of Trade and Commerce last March to study conditions in respect of the mineral and metal industries of the Dominion with a view to determining to what extent Canada can supply the requirements of the Empire, and to indicate the possibilities as regards the utilization of the natural resources of the Dominion to greater national advantage than heretofore, in the upbuilding of home manufacturing industries. How the public may help in this work. The future of Canada's mining industry.

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