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Dolan, D. Leo

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The importance to the economic welfare and progress of the Dominion of Canada of the tourist industry. A discussion of some of the things that have been done in Canada to create a greater interest in the industry and some things which the speaker hopes we will do in the future to bring about a greater promotion and more intense development of this industry. Some statistics. Benefits to the Canadian people from the tourist industry in terms of dollars. An illustration of a tourist in Canada; the activities undertaken and monies spent. Benefits to agriculture. Goods and services demanded by the tourist. An example of how visitors become involved in the commerce and industry of Canada. The example of how Maine became a major tourist area. Development in the Muskoka area. A programme of conservation to go hand-in-hand with development. The development of non-resident summer resort colonies in Canada to take up the slack in our tax burden. Changes in connection with this industry over the last 25 years. Indications of the interest in Canada by visitors from the United States. Ontario taking the lead in the construction and building of the type of highway which the motorists of the U.S. desire. Sports fishermen and hunters who come to Canada. Some figures from Ontario with regard to hunting and fishing licenses. The issue of Americanizing Canada and how that affects the tourist industry here. The lack of Canadian food in our restaurants. The tenet of a working programme for any tourist organization: make this country interesting to unaccustomed American eyes. Maintaining the atmosphere of Canada and Britain in Canada. Taking advantage of the visit of the King and Queen to Canada this year. The Canadian Travel Bureau: establishment and responsibilities. The international and national aspects of the tourist industry. Endeavouring to make Canada the great recreational nation of the world.