Vladimir Putin

Johnston, E.F.B.

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An explanation, in a simple, connected sort of way about the Kaiser, and why he acts as he does, and the manner of man he is and evidently shows himself to be. The Kaiser's building of a navy that would at least math, if not conquer, the British navy and the British ships. The building of railways for merely military purposes. Germany after three years of war. The tremendous war preparations that must have taken place. Giving the devil his due--efficiency as one of the greatest characteristics of the German Emperor. A word or two on the question of democracy and its intimate connection with the character of the Kaiser. Why the Kaiser could never be a representative of democracy. Showing something about the power of the Kaiser. A look at Canada and at Germany, two countries that started out at the same moment (July 1, 1867) with the same form of government in effect. Today Canada the only country in the world that is absolutely free and open; in Germany the terror of the sword hangs over the whole nation. A brief political history of Germany since 1867. Powers of the Kaiser. The Kaiser's personal character. The Kaiser's lack of perspective, of judgment upon ordinary human affairs, with illustrative example. Ways in which the Kaiser, to some extent, was dragged into the war in the early stages, but this no excuse or palliation whatever for the conduct of the Kaiser since the war began. Convicting the Kaiser of almost every crime known to humanity. The Kaiser's proper place in the gallows.