Vladimir Putin

Barnevik, Percy

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Globalisation, business organisation, and recent events in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas. How Asea Brown Boveri and other successful companies have organised themselves for global growth and competitiveness. A review of highlights of ABB's global matrix, decentralization and the development of its international managers. A discussion of world trade and how it has grown over the past decade. Pessimism towards the impact of the GATT agreement due to the imbalances in trade between the members. Developments in opening up trade and other changes in Europe. Opening up Eastern Europe for trade since 1989. Opportunities for visionary companies willing to enter the fray. Lack of help to Eastern Europe by the West: blocking them out of trade. Creating a modern economy, from the bottom up, by direct investment by Western companies. Lack of leadership in the post-communist era. The speaker's own company and what they have tried to do. An examination of what is happening with regard to China: their expansion. China as the place to be to participate in the infrastructure industry. China as an evolving gigantic market. Hong Kong as an example of Chain's tremendous growth potential. ABB in China: 11 joint ventures and nine engineering centres all over the country. A few words about ABB. Factors in the success of a global enterprise. Summary remarks about the emerging economies of Easter Europe and Asia and the opportunities for Western business. Global co-ordination and local-market management. Global managers with skill and vision to transcend national and political boundaries. Great opportunities, here today.