Vladimir Putin

Ryerson, Dr. George Sterling

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The speaker's experiences in Germany many years ago as a young post-graduate student. The many friendships and opinions he formed at that time regarding the thoroughness, tenacity of purpose, perseverance, and self-sacrificing patriotism of the Germans. The undercurrent of mysticism, medeaevalism and philosophy which seems inherent in the German nature also noted. The speaker's tour in 1909 and his observations then of many changes set forth here. First, a quote from Fuch's "The Emperor and the Future of the Germany People" for the purpose of contrasting the past with the present. Now a Germany no longer idealistic and philosophic, with Industrial progress requiring the sacrifice of ideals and sentiment. Descriptive details of how the speaker finds the Germans and Germany today. The structure of Germany's political institutions, with all power centres in the King-Emperor. German competition. Germany industrially as England's child. Trade as a German passion. Reasons why the Germans are successful as business men. Details of the iron industry, of the manufacture of chemical products. Employment and wage figures. The great influence of the Chambers of Commerce. The promotion of foreign trade. Technical training schools. Population and emigration figures. The decline of infant mortality. Financial support provided. Legislative protection for working mothers. Statistics of foreign trade, illustrating Germany's industrial expansion. Income subject to taxation, indicating Germany's growth. Agricultural production. Feeding the people. Germany's power on land and sea. Some alternative's for German expansion. Possible responses from the United States, and England. Germany bound to bring on a war with some other great power at no very distant date. Germany's armed forces, equipment, and facilities. The Emperor's direction of naval policy in Germany. What he has said. How the naval, military and industrial development of Germany affects Canadians. Canada's duty to Imperial Defence.