Vladimir Putin

Goodale, The Hon. Ralph

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The complex, evolving global challenge of climate change - a challenge that is both environmental and economic. The mandate from the Prime Minister for the speaker to lead the domestic implementation of Canada's international climate change commitments. The Kyoto protocol. What the climatic changes could mean to Canada. A brief review of conferences addressing these issues. Building momentum toward more definitive action. Canada's undertakings as outlined in Kyoto. Undertakings from other countries. Devising world-leading made-in-Canada solutions; managing our conduct in comparison to the rest of the world. The magnitude of the task. Canada as an energy-intensive country, and why that is so. The challenge of finding the means to break the linkage between growth and prosperity on the one hand and greenhouse gases on the other. Danger and opportunity as opposite sides of the same coin. Different production and consumption patterns in the years to come, and what will cause that difference. Keeping ahead of the wave of new technology. The importance of actual U.S. conduct. Analysis of possible costs by various private-sector think-tanks. The opportunity side, and the specific mandate given the speaker for domestic implementation. Work on strategy pushing forward. One example among the scores of items being examined by the issue tables. Leadership demonstrated by the Government of Canada. Canada, getting its own federal house in order. Federal leadership at the international level. Building bridges to developing countries to induce their meaningful participation; leading the world discussion on how to calculate and include forests and farmland as legitimate carbon sinks. A few key areas that are likely to get a lot of attention. The many fronts on which momentum is building. The goal to marry strong environmental performance with strong economic performance. Canada, aspiring to be nothing less than the smartest nation on earth in the production and the use of the more sophisticated energy products, services and technologies - a worthy Canadian ambition.