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The growth, development and increase in population in Canada's West. The recent increase in attention and interest in Canada's West. Ways in which the people of the East are directly concerned in the prosperity and growth of Western Canada, perhaps to an almost larger extent than in the growth and development of our own Province [Ontario]. Our duty as citizens of the Province of Ontario to study first and foremost those questions which directly concern this banner province of the Dominion, and anything that has to do with the increase in the population, and in the distribution of the population within the boundaries of Ontario, anything that has to do with the development of great industries, whether manufacturing or rural industries. A few things along the line of the growth and development, of the future possibilities, of the population of the Province of Ontario. The interesting story of the rise, growth and development of Ontario. Some historical facts and events. Growing times for Canada. The rural and urban populations of Ontario at the time of Confederation. Now on the upgrade. Present conditions in Ontario. The questions as to whether Ontario is to become a great manufacturing Province, or a great agricultural Province, or is there a possibility of developing both interests side by side? The future of Ontario. Some prophecies from the speaker. A concern for the future of the development of our agricultural resources and our agricultural population. The drawing away of our population to the West. Campaigns to try to attract people to Ontario. Some tough competition. Australia's offer to immigrants. The problems associate with sending people to New Ontario in the north. Needs to be met and managed by the Provincial Government. The requirement of money. Possible co-operation between the Dominion and Provincial Government. Looking to the development of Canada as a whole.