Vladimir Putin

Moore, W.H.

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Some introductory words and thoughts on the "mass mind." Analyzing the statement "It is better to plan than not to plan." Plans made at the opening of the twentieth century with high hopes. Now facing the aftermath of the completion of the first stage of socialism. Details and discussion of what was planned. A look at some of the organizations and associations formed. Attempts to eliminate competition. Results of captains of industry trying to plan for us. Another form of planning called "statism" and what that means. The issue of forming and running a Central Bank. Reasons for a Central Bank. Reasons why the speaker rejects the idea of government ownership and direction of a Central Bank. The idea of a Central Bank being privately owned. What we are going to do in the future. The two main schools of thought. Differences between the two views. Differences in means only, not in objective. A third school. Talk about a Socialist State. A discussion of what is happening in this regard in European countries. An examination of England's point of view. The speaker's belief in a friendly association, but preservation of our individual right of action. Trade agreements. Who is to do the planning. The speaker's conclusion that "It is better to think than not to think."