Vladimir Putin

Haynes, Arden R.

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The crude oil and natural gas industry in both a worldwide and a domestic context. An optimistic outlook for Canada's future. Some assumptions about the future. Reaping the full value of our resource base. Long-term economic prosperity. Putting to rest some misconceptions about energy-related issues. The complexity of energy-related issues and the problems that causes. "Real facts" about the world and the Canadian energy situation, focussing on oil and natural gas. The narrowing gap between world oil supply and demand. The importance of that perspective. Implications for Canada of rising oil prices. Surplus of natural gas in the Western world; implications for Canada. The importance to Canada of developing its resources in an orderly fashion, on a project by project bases as soon as the economics fall into place. The need to set national energy policies in a world-market context. How the Free Trade Agreement with the United States will, in the long run, considerably enhance Canada's energy security. Countering some arguments against that view. Some optimistic concluding remarks.