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Ryerson as a City Builder

Some particular introductions and welcoming remarks from the speaker. The speaker's fascination with the connection between universities and cities. The neighbourhood of Ryerson. The university's responsibility to be a city builder and proactive city builders for the economy, wealth creation, and jobs. How Ryerson can do this. Partnering with other universities, industry, and all levels of government. Having the ambition to succeed and the courage to undertake risk and culture change. Some of the speaker's plans. Progress of those plans. The Ryerson Master Plan - history and preparation. Buying Sam's and what the university plans to do with that property. The Ryerson Gallery and Research Centre. A vivid description of Ryerson today. Details about city building. Reference to a Toronto Life magazine article and some insights into it. Some challenges rising from that article. The move into digital media. The provincial government's Innovation Agenda. Some statistics about the global market. A focus on digital media for Ryerson and partners. The strategy. The students. A practical approach. Differentiation in planning. Competitiveness and risk involved. What can be created. Playing in the big leagues. A specific strategy. The leap forward. Some math. What the speaker wants for his university, city, province. High ambitions. Ryerson's decision to "go pro" and what will mean. A request for the audience to join with the speaker in making digital a priority. Making Toronto a really great city of the world.