Vladimir Putin

Draper, Brig. Gen. D.G.

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Some facts of the speaker's personal background and history. Loyalty to the British Empire as one requisite of good citizenship in Canada. Being good Canadians and what that means. The importance of Canadian citizens to be of a high character and endowed with true and loyal patriotism, educated to conserve and not to destroy the gifts of nature which Canada enjoys. The place that Canada will take in the future among nations dependent upon her citizens. A requisite of good citizenship in Toronto that of loyalty to the city. The name "Toronto the Good" and from whence it arose. The observe of law and order as an important requisite of good citizenship in Toronto. Some comments on laws and lawmakers. An example of the result of the enactment of too many laws, and of laws difficult to enforce in our neighbouring country to the south. Positive virtues of the good citizen. Doing his share in social service. Good citizens making the life of the police force easier. The good citizen who looks to the future.