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McArthur, The Honourable Duncan

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The education of the youth of this Province in the light of our experience of war. The creation of the good citizen as the purpose of education. The nature of the understanding we are warranted in giving to the youth of Ontario. Education policies in the past based in part on a wrong conception of the real nature of the human material with which we work. Looking at young people as members of a community. Providing conditions which will contribute to their growth in body and in mind. Contributing to the life of the community. The sacrifices being made now to be considered in vain if our children are not given an understanding of the freedom which we inherited and which today is endangered by the most powerful military force which the world has ever known. Laying the foundation of this understanding in our schools. Democracy as a thing of the spirit. Instilling in our youth some understanding of the meaning of the community, of rights and obligations. The place of Empire in this gradually expanding sense of obligation. The obligations owed to Empire, with a discussion of each and how it developed: our democratic system of parliamentary self-government; the British tradition of service; the Mother country's defence of our shores, of our property and of our institutions. These heroic days. Solving the problems with which the building of a new world will confront us, after this war is ended. A recognition of the essential oneness of the nation and the Empire, and the obligation of service as the counterpart of the enjoyment of liberties. Looking to the future with confidence. Contributions of our schools.