Vladimir Putin

Mavor, Professor James

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The meagre news from Russia. Our inability to ascertain the reasons for some events, or the somewhat complicated causes which have produced them. The obvious fact that the causes of the revolution must have been very complicated, and that the events did not take place as a result merely of sudden impulse. The nature of the administrative system of Russia as it was. The makeup and complex racial origins of the Russian people. The system of popular education in the Baltic Provinces from the beginning of the 19th century. Criticism in Russia about the inefficiency during the war on the part of the administrative and military officers. Government control of the railways. Political leaders and events. The dynastic character of the revolution: a parliamentary coup d'etat, in which the delicate stage of equilibrium has been taken advantage of to upset the dynasty and upset the autocratic rule of Russia. The very big risks that a revolution will encounter in Russia. The risk of a revolt of the extreme element. The risk of the ignorance of the people through not knowing what is happening. Russian soldiers deserting from the front and going back to their villages to benefit from a new distribution of the land. Germany strategy in that regard. Other movements in process during the past year in Russia. Local government. The possibility that the revelations within the past few days led to the suspicion that there was a good deal of what is known in this country as graft in the Government of Russia. Accusations against the Government of Kovno, and the Government of Liballa. Further accusations against the Germans that they attempted to bribe General Kuropatkin. A certain very important element of solidarity among the Russian people, which might be very greatly increased owing to what has happened. Finlanders, Ukranians, and Poles finding it to their great advantage to throw in their influence with democratic Russia, rather than run the risk of being absorbed by autocratic Germany. Running the risk of weakening resistance on the eastern front. The great advantage of the coming in of America.

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