Vladimir Putin

Cody, Dr. H.J.

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Information on some of the activities of the University of Toronto. The University meant to be a great servant of the people, training for leadership, training in the pursuit of truth, training in the possession of that informed and vigorous mind with which the citizen can ever make ultimate right choices. The university as the oldest institution in Western civilization after the Christian Church and Roman Law. Characteristics of the original universities of the Middle Ages. What the University of Toronto is now doing, in illustration of the great functions that a university has to discharge. A detailed description of the University of Toronto, its buildings, purpose, function, aims. The nature of the staff of the university. Registration at the University. The general attitude of the students towards a university career. The need for a medical examination prior to admission. Gratitude to the Government that supports the University. The University as the natural centre and the culmination of the educational system of the Province, reflecting the ambition and the ideals of the heads of the nation. The University as the great testing field for personality and intellectual power. The University as the outward and visible sign of the homage paid by the whole community to the things of the mind and of the spirit. Four main functions of the University: teaching, conserving knowledge, research, outreach programmes. Some details of specific research projects. Supporting the University.

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