Vladimir Putin

Kuhlmann, Arkadi

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Shareholders benefitting - consumers getting left behind. Canadian banks slipping in global rankings. Do better or risk "shrinking to greatness." Consumer trends and technological innovations driving change in the banking industry. The regulatory framework and its effects. A review of the retail banking industry in Canada. Empowered customers embracing change and looking for choice. Electronic banking. A new set of challenges in the ways to service customers. The new consumer and what that means to banking. Some facts and figures. The Canadian market. A bank's business. Canadian banking missing opportunities. Our regulatory challenges. Examples of prosperous industries and companies that operate unencumbered by regulatory constraints. ING Direct - just eight years old. Some history - facts and figures - operation description. How the ING model has exploited technology. How Canadian regulation does not support the ING model. Canadian banks extremely profitable so where is the problem? An explicatory response. The speaker's belief that over time the tide of globalization will roll over restrictive regulation, exposing deficiencies. The role that regulators can play. The Bank Act of Canada. Some suggestions by the speaker.