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Joshi, Prof. Samuel L.

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Facts with regard to the past history of India, showing how the forces that worked in the history of the past have been largely responsible for the conditions that are prevailing there today. A kinship with India which may be traced far back into the dim ages of history. India's unique privilege of possessing the first literature of the Eurasian people; that literature couched in the language of the spirit. A brief discussion of Buddhism and Indian culture. Asian relations with Europe. The culture of India, built up on a purely spiritual basis. The British contact with India which begins a new epoch in their history. The original, purely commercial basis on that contact. The transformation of the economic life in India, as elsewhere, due to the industrial revolution. The two kinds of cities in India today. Mr. Gandhi as a symbol; what he represents. Gandhi's analysis of western civilization. A passage from a magazine from India which contains the views of Rabindranath Tagore, the intellectual aristocrat of Bengal, giving a different viewpoint from Gandhi as to western civilization. The ultimate destiny of India as the great problem confronting us today. Difficulties to be surmounted in order to give India a larger measure of self-government. Politics in India. Things in common between the people of Canada and the people of India. Imperial ties. The result of education among the leading people of India, now in a position to undertake responsible duties in the Empire. The lack of control over their own finances as one of the great causes of discontent in India today. The discontent seen today amongst the intellectual classes of India not so much a symptom of disloyalty to England as an index of an increasing vitality and of a greater desire for opportunities for the fuller expression of India's national life. India today struggling for a larger life, for the opportunity for a larger expression of that life. The speaker's feeling that the great bulk of the people of India do not want to be separated from the British Empire at all. The time now when the statesmen that are controlling the Indian Empire from the Indian office in London to show a larger spirit of liberality, and deal with the people of India in a more liberal spirit. A word with regard to the great importance that is being attached in India at the present moment to the development of an Indian Christianity.