Vladimir Putin

Dunning, The Honourable Charles A.

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A fundamental difference between our Empire and a totalitarian state: no conscription of the mind. An illustration of what that means. Reminiscences of the Coronation, and what it means to the Empire. The Empire as represented in the character of the King. The word Empire, used in the name of this Club, as not merely an abstract term, but in fact relating to the unique system by which the British peoples everywhere are governed. The Commonwealth as an ever evolving organism, adjusting itself as required to changing conditions and to the progressive development of its many peoples. The responsibility of keeping alive and in full vigour the conception of human relations which has made the Commonwealth what it is. The basic aspiration of the British peoples throughout their history, that they shall be governed by laws made by their own elected representatives and not by the will of one man nor by the will of any group not responsible to the people. A consideration of the consequences of that idea. The responsibility of the individual voter, and the importance of that vote. The importance of not taking the freedoms we enjoy for granted. A world trend in the direction of popular government during the early years of this century. A distinct reversal in important countries during the last 20 years. The significance of this development to us. The British nations, since the Great War, labouring earnestly to co-operate with the rest of the world in bringing about enduring peace. The rise and trend of dictatorships leading to giving thought to the defence of our whole conception of ordered liberty against possible destructive aggression. A determination on the part of the Commonwealth to put its own defences in order. The greatest responsibility of Empire at this time to see to it that every citizen knows and appreciates keenly all that ordered liberty under the British Crown means to the individual, to the nation and to the Commonwealth.