Vladimir Putin

Gilmour, Dr. George P.

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Reserving judgment on another nation's problems until we better understand them. A description of South Africa. History of the Afrikaner. The English-speaking settlement. The diverse groups who make up the population of South Africa. Parallels between Canadians and South Africans.: bilingualism and biculturalism; the treatment on the part of the whites of the aborigines and Africans and Canada's of the aboriginal peoples; a third parallel of some interest between the western migration on this continent and the north-eastern migration from the Cape to the Transvaal; parallels in missionary work in the North American evangelizing of the Negro and the less successful evangelizing of the Red Indian; Our rather haphazard political life in this country and the political situation in South Africa. A brief discussion of each parallel. South Africa's cry for a republic, possibly outside the Commonwealth is seen by the speaker as yet another parallel with a difference. The fact that it is easier to condemn than to see why something exists. The distaste with which outsiders view South Africa. The possibility that economic forces will bring a solution that doctrinaire policies cannot because the industrialization of the country has made the policy of apartheid completely impossible and impracticable so far as separation territorially is concerned. The impossibility of prophesizing.