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Harrigan, Kenneth

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The cyclical nature of the automotive industry in North America. The impact of the industry on the economies of Ontario, Canada, and the United States. Prospects for the industry. A brief review of the last five years, with a detailed description of plans, intentions, activities and results. "The Road to 2000" attempts to describe how the Ford Motor Company, and the automotive industry is changing. Some statistics and some questions to answer. A detailed description of plans and vision. Some firmly-held beliefs by the speaker. The relationship between technology and support systems. Success in the long term. The working relationship between management, labour, and government to improve Canada's cost and productivity base to improve the competitive position in the worldwide marketplace. Recommendations of the task force. Inequities in the home market. Differences in labour costs, work habits, and productivity with Japan's automotive industry. Changes and how they will affect the industry in Canada.