Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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Standing at the end of the old road of Empire authority and at the moment of decision as to whether we shall take the Russian Communist road along which so much of Europe and Asia have already travelled, or the Atlantic road which we may call the seaway, the free way, the road of civilisation. The matter of cross-roads. Looking back at some rush decisions. Stopping at cross-roads and thinking about which way to go. The chances of the Atlantic Pact doing the job the Empire and the British Navy did for so long in "promoting stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area" (from the Treaty to be signed next week). The cross-roads at which we stand today. What the British cannot any longer do alone, and what the United Nations has so obviously failed to do the nations of Western Europe and North America will next week agree to try to do. More quotations from the Treaty. Canada's commitment to this Treaty. A realistic look at the Treaty. A Treaty directed against the expansion of Russian imperialism in the name of Communism, and against a system of government which denies individual and national liberty, which is not founded on the principles of democracy and does not respect any law but its own. Setting out on the right road, but an uphill road. The need for moral fortitude, military strength, and common sense in order to have peace and security. Features of the pact. Some comments on the nature of this pact.