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Otter, Major. Gen. Sir William D.

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The speaker's personal experience and background with the Canadian Militia over upwards of fifty years. The aim and task of this address to place before the audience this important subject in as clear and lucid a manner as possible, without bias or exaggeration or any reflection upon the many ardent and patriotic men who have served or may now be serving in the Militia force of Canada. The idea that the time is fast approaching when all national disputes will be settled by peaceful arbitration a fallacious and dangerous one. Some words from a prominent and experienced officer of the British Army with regard to the duty of every self-governing portion of Great Britain to defend itself. Some issues of war and man's natural impulse with aggrieved or oppressed. The greater our prosperity the greater the danger of loss, and the stronger the necessity for means of protection. Why nations education their sons for the service of defence. The time of real danger for Canada arising through the Mother Country becoming involved in Europe or elsewhere. Circumstances under which we shall have to depend upon our own Militia for the country's safety. The purpose for which the Militia is maintained. To what extent our Militia is prepared to alone undertake the task of repelling an invader. Figures of strength in terms of men and equipment. Numbers needed to protect Canada. Some details which endeavour to show the principal difficulties to be encountered in placing our Militia in a fit state to perform the duty required for effective defence. A discussion of each of the following: personnel; material; transport; training; discipline. Conclusions from this synopsis with regard to the readiness of the Canadian Militia in its present condition to guarantee immunity from attack or conquest by a powerful aggressor. Some suggestions for remedying our apparent neglect.