Vladimir Putin

Perrine, Dr. J.O.

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The transformation and transmittals of waves. The telephone in the classification of transportation, and how that is so. Getting the sound out of a subscriber's mouth into another subscriber's ear. Visual demonstrations of sound waves. How the microphone works. A demonstration of what is going on inside a telephone. Other demonstrations are offered, allowing the audience to hear and "see" some music, witnessing the sound variations on an oscillograph. Reference to Alexander Graham Bell's work. Some words on the phenomenon of articulate speech. Some demonstrations on hearing sounds other than speech. Slides were also shown to illustrate the effect on both speech and music when certain vibrations were removed. Encrypting speech as it goes over the radio waves, and over the telephone wires. A demonstration of a long distance call to Montreal, encrypting speech by manipulating the frequencies through an electrical inverter. The geography of a long distance telephone call. Some slides are presented to show how a call is transmitted. Dr. Perrine then makes a long distance call to Mr. Napier of the British Post Office and they have a conversation about the progress of international communications and its effects on world matters.