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Bernier, Captain J.E.

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Addressing the audience not as a representative of the Government, but as a member of the Government Service for 22 years. Taking possession of all the Arctic Islands that belonged to England during those 22 years. Thanks to suppliers of food and other items used during this time. Some highlights of those 22 years, illustrated with accompanying pictures. The speaker's personal background and experience. Following the explorers whose records the speaker found. For success, the first requisite of a good ship, then proper men, then working in accordance with Nature. Taking possession of Baffin Land for Canada in the presence of several Eskimo. Erecting a tablet on a rock Peary had engraved with his initials, in order to commemorate the acquisition of the Arctic Archipelago between Canada and the 90th degree of north latitude. Canada's northern limit. Securing fishing rights. Relations with Greenland. Requiring permit fees from Americans to hung and fish on Canada's northern land. Supporting police on these northern islands in order to maintain our rights. Securing this territory for our children. The wealth with which this land teams in terms of mining and wildlife. Transportation through Hudson's Bay. Films shown illustrating the icebergs, Eskimo children, and various scenes in the northland. Eskimos becoming Canadians. Obtaining information and charts from the Eskimo. Opening up a road to Hudson Bay in order to develop more territory.