Vladimir Putin

Greenshields, Honourable Mr. Justice R.A.E.

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The British Commonwealth of Nations today. Enjoying the heritage of a great past. Guarding the noble ideals which are our priceless inheritance. The greatest and most outstanding perplexity that faces mankind at this moment and which is apparent to the most superficial observer of today is that chaotic condition in which we find this world's affairs. The situation where the world granaries are filled to the roof with food, yet thousands are faced with almost starvation. The helplessness felt to bring about a remedy. Our age as pre-eminently a transition period, and how that is so. Differences between the world today and that of 50 years ago. Democracy come to say. The solemn duty of carefully determining how that democratic power may be best used. The power of individual example and of individual influence. An ever growing class of indifferent citizens. The need for an earnest and eager concern for the problems and perils that beset us.