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Martin, The Honourable John S.

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Some of those factors of the British Empire which in ancient and modern times have served as links of Empire: Science, Settlement, Sentiment. Ways in which Science has made its most important contributions to Empire building. How advances in transportation and communication have made the world smaller. Now, the development of our natural resources. The Empire Marketing Board, its object the promotion of the consumption of Empire goods in the British market as against goods produced outside the Empire, with example concerning the improvement of poultry commodities. Research in the matter of cold storage of fruit, with a view to adopting methods which can be used in the more successful transportation of the tender fruits of Ontario to the British market. Settlement. The transfer of population from the Motherland to outlying parts of the Empire as a basic and important factor of Empire links, the result of a combination of influences. A look back at some historic settlements, supported and encouraged by the Crown, finding a ready response in the spirit of adventure of the British peoples. Some modern activities along this line. The importance of maintaining the stream of British settlement which has lost none of the fine qualities which has characterized it in years gone by. A review of one or two phases of the current aspects of this problem, with regard to the Government of Ontario. The policy of brining over boys of the ages of 16, 17, and 18 from the British Isles and settling them on farms in Ontario. The success of this plan. The Barnardo boys and their participation in the great World War. Marketing Ontario as a place for settlement. The "Ontario Bulletin," with an example of one of the letters published from one of the boys who resettled in Canada. The link of Sentiment, which considers tangible and intangible matters, such as traditions, ideals, the Flag and the Throne. Statements from Mr. Ramsey MacDonald, made in a speech in London in discussing the prospective meeting of the Empire Parliamentary Association which is to take place in Canada this fall, and which emphasizes the point the speaker wishes to make. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales as undoubtedly the greatest Ambassador of Empire in the world today, and how that is so, along with some of his words. The part to be played by Science, Settlement and Sentiment in strengthening the ties of Empire. What it means to us to maintain and safeguard these ties.