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Eves, The Honourable Ernie

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Reference to the length of the Budget Speech and how only part of it was covered by television. The message sent to Ontarians through the budget. The speaker's government keeping its promises. Cutting taxes to generate economic activity, create jobs and restore fairness to the tax system. Investing in programmes that are a priority for Ontarians, such as health care, classroom education and community safety. Reducing the cost and size of government, spending taxpayers dollars more wisely. Providing a climate for job creation. Building a better future for all Ontarians. The plan to balance the budget and restore Ontario's competitive edge proceeding on schedule, with example. A list of ten ways that this current budget cuts taxes. Six ways that the government is investing in the services the people said were important. Dollar figures of spending for programmes and services in 1997. Four ways in which the budget will assist parents and their children at the earliest and most vulnerable stages in life. Three ways in which monies are being spent to promote and encourage both the spirit and the commitment of volunteers. On track to a balanced budget in the year 2000-2001. Decreasing the deficit. People's reaction following budget day. Evidence that cutting taxes will create jobs and stimulate the economy. Details and benefits of tax cuts. Details of job creation. Restructuring Ontario's public sector. A better future for Ontario.