Vladimir Putin

Drew, The Honourable George A.

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The meeting now taking place in Paris. The bright prospect of a European partnership, out of the discouragement which followed the repudiation of the European Defence Community plan. The unintentional result of the men in the Kremlin. The threat of Communist aggression demonstrating the need for unity. Bringing ancient enemies together in the common cause of peace. Reasons to be worried about a rearmed Germany. Thinking back to what happened after the Napoleonic Wars. The inclination to forget that what confronts us today has been confronted in the past. Some suggestion and some hope of what may occur in the months and years ahead upon recalling the historic friendship between France and Britain after the Napoleonic Wars. The achievements and influence of Sir Winston Churchill. The improvement in Europe generally over the past two years. Some misinformation in responsible publications, with examples. The vital necessity of the friendly support of the United States to the common efforts we are all making to preserve peace by preventing aggression. Some observations and impressions by the speaker of his recent trips to Britain. A vision before us: "a vision, not merely of the static peace but a vision of a great future that offers to each one of us an opportunity to give the very best we have." The promise of a new Elizabethan Age and how it may be achieved.