Vladimir Putin

Walker, Byron E.

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Independence as the only future that is possible to Canadians, except that of remaining in the Empire. Ways in which we are by nature British. Ways in which we are not exactly British, especially to the Englishman. The attitude of the Englishman to our loyalty. The unfortunate tangling together of two of Mr. Chamberlain's proposals: the binding together of different parts of the Empire, and a kind of trade bargain between Great Britain and the different parts of the Empire. Stating the views of certain British people. Pointing out to us the conditions in Great Britain, Canada and the United States, as they appear to the speaker, and considering the points of view of Great Britain regarding these conditions, and the reasons why she may conclude to do something different in the way of Imperialism from the proposals of Mr. Chamberlain. A detailed discussion follows. The speaker's object in making these statements regarding Great Britain in order to point out that they are not really thinking of Mr. Chamberlain's preferences and of their trade situation in the way we are thinking of it. Conditions in Canada and the United States in terms of trade. The Englishman's business to see that he does not lose the trade of the newer food-supplying nations. The speaker's belief that Mr. Chamberlain's plan is too startling, and why he thinks it to be so. A proposal from the speaker. The federations of Canada and Australia. The hope that South Africa will soon be such a federation. No reason under this system why Canada, Australia and South Africa should not surrender to an Imperial Council point by point certain things that do not interfere with their desire for home rule in other things. As an example, the question of a Supreme Court. The possibility of a universal marriage and divorce law throughout the whole Empire, and other universal laws such as regards capital punishment. Building up a common idea of the administration of justice, a common notion of what justice is, a common faith that justice is certain to be administered. The notion of a common curriculum in colleges and universities. Imitating the United States by having Empire coasting laws. The desirability that all the reciprocal trade arrangements between one Colony and another, or with the Mother Country, that are possible should be made. Several more suggestions for common interests. The question of Imperial Defence. The suggestion that the "Grade Tour" might include the major parts of the British Empire and learning about one's heritage. Our goal of one flag. The desire for "that kind of coherence that will make everybody in the Empire instinctively feel that while we do not wish to quarrel with the rest of the world, if the emergency arises we shall be found standing back to back absolutely and indefensibly against the world."