Vladimir Putin

Casgrain, Senator J.P.B.

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A lesson from history: "All nations that have become great have realized the paramount importance of easy means of communications." England's example. Uniting the various provinces of our magnificent Dominion by perfecting our system of inter-communication. Reference to Major Stephens' address on waterways. Remarks with regard to the widening and deepening of the Welland Canal. The remainder of the address deals with railways, and is offered under the following headings: A Tribute to the Grand Trunk; Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann's Wonderful Work; The Canadian Pacific Railway; Saving British Columbia to Canada; C.P.R. no Longer a Modern Road; Change in Principles of Locating Railways; Steep Gradients in the Rockies; Altitude of C.P.R. Summit; The Grand Trunk Pacific; Distances of the G.T.P.; Gradients on the G.T.P. and Transcontinental; Altitude of the Summit on the G.T.P.; Coal and Water Power; Farming Lands; Superiority of Transcontinental Over Other Routes; Mr. Charlton's Prophecy; 50,000 Bushels of Grain Drawn by One Locomotive; 7,000 Feet of Adverse Grades between Pacific and Atlantic; Cheap Transportation an Essential Factor for Prosperity; Example of the United States; Nearly One-Half the Railway Mileage of the World in the United States; Railways Unable to Cope with Trade of the United States; Mr. James J. Hill's Declaration; An Impracticable Suggestion; Mr. Hill's Waterway Scheme; An Interview with President Roosevelt; The Hudson's Bay Route; Icebergs in the Straits; Perilous Navigation; The Voyages of the "Neptune"; A Specially Built Ship; Not a Route for Commerce; Access to Bay by Rail; A French Writer's Views; England's Foresight; Canada's Service to the Empire. The strategical importance of these transcontinental lines; their inestimable value to Great Britain in the event of complications in the Pacific, or of trouble in India.