Vladimir Putin

Wrong, George M.

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A quote from Pitt in 1805 after the Battle of Trafalgar, which reflects the speaker's own view, and which he feels can be applied today: England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example." The very dark picture that one could draw today of affairs in Europe. Ways in which England has saved herself. A review of causes of the European situation. To what the dominance of Europe is due. The adoption of the ideals of the Christian religion and its effects in Europe. The recent development in Europe of Democracy and its effects. The facility of communication as another cause of change. Influences and factors that brought about the crisis of 1914. The fall of three great Empires: Russian, Austrian, and German. The two chief things that war has done: shattered the political dominance of Europe in the world; broken down the whole system of international relations. The peace made in 1919. Defects of the Treaty of Versailles. The state of Germany's financial collapse. Our relations with France and upon what that depends. The present military dominance of France in Europe and Great Britain's resentment of such dominance. France on the verge of an abyss with respect to finance. Great Britain's difficulty caused by the loss of her markets. What we can hope for in the near future. The need for patience. The role of the League of Nations. Learning to think of political questions in terms of light and not in terms of darkness. A concluding quotation.