Vladimir Putin

Goldring, Dr. C.C.

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Confusing statements about schools and educational work. Reasons for those confusing statements. The contradictory implications of the terms "School" and "Curriculum." Recent controversy about traditional education and progressive education. Some facts. The nature of children. The development and growth of the child. Instruments used as a means to an end--the proper education of the girl or boy. The importance of understanding the function of schools and to have some knowledge of what we are trying to accomplish. The purpose and function of the elementary schools, and the secondary schools. How to achieve those goals. Specific subjects and what is taught. The place of art and music, home economics and general shop. Vocational education. Other essential subjects in the curriculum. The employment of good teachers. The importance of parents being interested in their children's education. Better tools for learning. Co-Operative Relations. School Trustees. The administrative staff. The concern of the Churches with spiritual education. The publication of educational material to tell the public about our work. Clubs that take part in education through guidance, music festivals, scholarships, etc. The question of money. Education as a giant co-operative enterprise, the biggest in Canada. Providing now the best educational system we can. The union of knowledge and reason in the integrated personality as the final test of education.