Vladimir Putin

Gibbons, Dr. Herbert Adams

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The speaker's frequent role as interpreter of his own country to other countries. Bringing word from the United States. Some personal references to the speaker's travels and family. The United States' participation in the World War and reasons for the timing of their involvement. The current crisis in the United States and how it is being handled. The role played by the radio in Mr. Roosevelt's handling of this crisis. Measures taken by the Federal Government. Reasons for closing down the banks. The expected continuation of hard times in many localities in the U.S. The situation with the gold standard. The U.S. still not having fully paid for the War. Some comparisons with other countries. A confident prophecy from the speaker with regard to what will and will not happen in the United States and to the American people in this economic crisis. Using events of the current month to justify such a prophecy. Difficulties and attitudes that led to this crisis. A look at the attitude of the U.S. and her foreign policy with regard to Europe. The effects of raising tariffs after the War. Taking the initiative in repairing this error. Seeking an unchecked flow of trade throughout the world as the salvation of the world economically. The need for a drastic revision of tariff schedules in all countries. The need to do away with war debts and all kinds of intergovernmental obligations in the same spirit and to the same extent that the Conference in Lausanne proposed to do away with German reparations. The wave of false prosperity experienced in America. The folly of not facing issues. How the United States can serve the world. Ending on a note of optimism.