Vladimir Putin

Buchan, John

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First, a word about British socialism. Difference from the continental variety. British socialism more an economical idea than a political creed. The British talent for compromise, with example. Characterization of British labour. The British Labour Party: nominally socialistic, but in practice only a very small number of its members actual socialists. The large anti-socialist majority amongst the British workingmen. British labour today representing far more a class than a creed. What the appearance of a Labour Government means. Remarks about this new class which has merged into public life. A characterization of its members, with instance. The pre-dominant type of man in the Labour Party a conservative. A typical example in his attitude towards the Royal family. The nature of this new class, one with the British talent and genius for politics of national patience and good humour. The imagination of the Labour Party. The Labour Party's acceptance of the Empire as a basis of all British policy. Some comments on the British Empire. Criticism against the Labour Party. The speaker's personal hopes for the Party, the Government, and the British Empire.