Vladimir Putin

Kylie, Professor

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Asking whether there is an Imperial Problem at all. The speaker's view of the correct reading of British History; that plans have been so prepared, and have fitted in so smoothly that people have not seen the degree of careful thought which has gone before. An Imperial Problem or a Canadian Problem as long as the British Empire lasts, as long as Canada lasts. The present Imperial Problem taking the form of a defence problem in outward appearance. Most Canadians today ready to meet that defence problem by putting ships on the sea; how this is a considerable change. The growth of sentiment in Canada within the last two or three years on this subject, and factors that have effected that growth. The need for defence by the balance of power. Disagreement as to what the ships should be and where they should be. An underlying disagreement about policy or control. The issue of who will control Canadian foreign policy. The Co-operation School and the school of the Federationists. The Federationists again divided into two sections: the slow-going, cautious ones, such as Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and the "Now-or-Never" Federationists. Arguments against the Co-operationist school made by Sir Wilfrid Laurier. The need for us to ascertain whether we have any interests throughout the Empire which are sufficient in quantity and in importance to make it worth while to keep the Empire together. "If there are common interests, they will probably end in a common government." The difficulty of saying that at the present. Examples of common interest. Clearing the ground of arguments to consider the strength of any common interests. Discussion follows. Reasons why the Empire should be kept together. The need to study this question and if a conviction on the subject is formed, that these common interests are greater than the separate interests, then the constitutional difficulties will be solved for themselves.