Vladimir Putin

Archibald, W.P.

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The strangeness that the disbelief in the possibility of amendment on the part of the criminal should be so deep-seated and universal. Many signal instances of transformation of character and conduct occurring in prison. Religion and science encouraging the hope for change from a law-breaker to a law-abiding citizen. A new word, "psycho-physics" admitted to the dictionary. The psycho-physical study of human nature. What we have learned about mental impression and perception, memory, imagination, judgement, and emotion in terms of physiology. The correspondence between the order of succession of nervous phenomena and the phenomena of thought, feeling and volition. Expert treatment as the ideal of the new criminology. What that means in terms of research aims. The difficulty of the task. The tendency of the parole system to change the atmosphere of the prison. The rational basis for the parole system. How a delinquent is made to feel the possibility of his regaining a social status and becoming a good citizen. The tremendous change undergone by penal systems. Prevention better than any clamour or system for the cure of crime. Just now beginning to approach an ideal by insisting upon better homes for the poor and vicious. The wisdom of the parole system and the discretion exercised in its administration judged by results. Some figures for consideration.