Vladimir Putin

Field, F.W.

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The position of the industrial conditions in England. Trade relations between Canada and the Old Land. A few words about the development between the foreign units of the Empire. The speaker's recent return to England, Scotland and Wales, visiting more than 40 plants, talking and meeting with industrial and commercial organizations, being interviewed by 528 manufacturing and merchant firms in regard to trade opportunities in Canada, and in Ontario particularly. First, a few words about the functions of a British Trade Commissioner. The British Government's Overseas Trade Departments. The constitution of the Department overseas. Finding that manufacturers have great confidence in Canadian manufacturers and in the future of Canadian trade. Linking the Empire commercially. The industrial situation of the United Kingdom. Facing the problems of unsettled conditions in Europe, the world-wide lack of demand for goods, the exchange situation, labour troubles and cancellation of orders by buyers in the various markets. A brief discussion of each follows. The labour situation in the United Kingdom. The reasonable attitude of British manufacturers. Welfare work in British factories. The need for education in economics for the average worker. Grounds for confidence. Impetus, through the war, to the modernizing of factories. Industrial laboratories much more in use than before the war. Realizing the importance of the chemist in industrial life, with the dye industry as an example. The recent business depression helping to bring about readjustment necessary for the revival of trade. Trade between Great Britain and Canada. The heart of the Empire sound, despite all the present economic ailments. Such quiet confidence typified by a story of a British sailor.