Vladimir Putin

Braddon, Hon. H.Y.

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Australia's regard for Canadians as blood brothers. Some distinctions between Canada and Australia. The labour question in Australia. Laws governing labour conditions and wages in Australia. Reference to the Whitley report in England. Strikes in Australia. The small Bolshevist element in the labour party. Hopes for mutual understanding between the workers and the masters through shop committees and conciliatory committees, and the like. The importance of scientific research, with the example of the discovery of drought-resisting wheat in Australia. What that discovery meant in terms of dollars. The issue of repatriation. Details of the military scheme and the pension scheme. Arrangements for the disabled. Providing psychological support. Pensions for the dependents of some 60,000 dead. The situation with industry during and after the war. War debt figures. Agricultural production. Disadvantages for Australia in terms of attracting immigrants. The need for capital. Education in Australia. The loyal relationship between Australia and the Mother Country. The Australian fleet. The defence of Australia. Comments on the British, German, and Russian fleets. The British Empire. Political events over the last four years. The Imperial Council. Hope for the idea of the League of Nations.