Vladimir Putin

Ney, Major Frederick

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The speaker basing his observations today on his experiences over the past four or five years when he has visited many parts of the world. The very clear picture of the world-wide organization of Communism which those experiences have given him. Everywhere he has found people waiting for England and the Empire to lead. Why that lead was withheld after the First World War, and why it is still being withheld or given hesitantly and unconvincingly now. Searching for at least some part of the answer to that question. A discussion of events and factors involved in answering this question. The heavy tolls taken in the two World Wars. The future of civilization resting with three great powers: the United States, Russia, and the Empire. The unstable, tense, and dangerous international situation because of the fact that the Empire is weaker than the other two in this tripod. Reasons for that weakness. The issue of name for the Empire, or the Commonwealth, or whatever it is to be. The danger of breaking from the continuity of history that is England and Empire. Standing on trial for our failure to maintain our ancient prestige. The position of the Royal Navy in this prestige. Some illustrations. "The defeatism implicit in the retreat from our own world-wide Imperial designation and our persistent disparagement, actual or implied, has constituted our greatest disservice to the Peace, as it has to the cause of Imperial unity." Learning the lessons of history. The qualities which constitute the very keystone of the Imperial Arch to be summarized by one word, Faith. Ways in which we are on trial. Bringing peace to the world through a marriage between the power of the United States to the world experience and the broad humanity of England and the Empire. Conditions of that marriage. Time for charting the clearest of courses in the same spirit of unity and purpose and with that confidence and faith in our destiny such as characterised those magnificent days of 1940-41.