Vladimir Putin

Wemp, Major Bert S.

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Overseas forces. The Dieppe raid. Pilot Don Morrison of Toronto. Bob Reesor of the Reesor family in Scarborough. A description of some of the aircraft used in the raids: the Halifaxes, the Wellingtons, the Avro-Lancasters, the Beaufighters, Night Fighters, the famous Canadian Demon Squadron, the Spitfire Squadrons, the Mustangs and the Mosquitoes. The sweeps over France and Germany. "Ops tonight." Coming back from Duisberg. Details of several operations. Combined operations. Submarines sunk by our own boys of the Canadian Navy and by our boys in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Bringing the ships safely through to Britain. Several messages from General McNaughton, the head of the Canadian Forces. The people of Great Britain, carrying on regardless of raids. The devastation of the English cities. The A.R.P. work in the City of Toronto. Great Britain not broken, and with Victory on their minds.