Vladimir Putin

White, Right Rev. W.C.

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Speculations and suggestions about China that have been made in the past. Remarks about intervention in China. Exploitation of China which has brought about the situation which has stirred China into new life and to a present situation of great promise. The nationalist movement in China. A review of major historical events and influences in China. Issues of education and religion. Recent political events. Conflicts between Sun Yat Sen in the south and Yuan Shi Kai of the reactionary party in the north. Assistance from Russia to the revolutionary party. The situation for Manchuria, and in Pekin. The position of the Christian General, Feng and the various missions in China. Criticism against Britain since 1925, and the speaker's response to it. Evidence of Britain's wonderful diplomacy in regard to the East. China's recognition of Britain's position. Understanding the China of the future through an understanding of her past. Some essential factors: China's capacity for continuance, with historical illustrations; China's power of absorbing and making their own, also with example; China's essential unity; the greatness of China's people. What these factors augur for the future of China. The speaker offers several thoughts in this regard: China will be great in the councils of the world's peace; China is great in literature and learning; the Chinese are great in commerce and industry; China's overwhelming greatness in terms of population. The interests of Canada requiring that we should be on the very best terms with China. Our need to better understand her history, her culture, her national aspirations and aims. Endeavours in this direction by McGill University and the Royal Ontario Museum, attached to the University of Toronto. A great future for China, and a beneficial relationship for Canada with her.